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We, Green Grace Developing Group, some of our workers have been manufacturing compression garments since 2008. We have developed our own GG power Spandex fabric which we are confident is the very best in the industry. We believe that you should feel comfortable in your own body during your pregnancy and enjoy this special time. With that in mind we have created a product to help you achieve just that.

Introducing O'nest!
O'nest, the trademark of our pregnancy body shaper, has been created with a curved dual Spandex mesh nest to support your growing and stretching abdomen and surrounding muscles throughout your entire pregnancy. Our body shaper is also ideal for post pregnancy and fitness use.

How does it work?
O'nest was uniquely designed to provide support through its dual layers of high tech Spandex, which provide consistent gentle compression to the lower back, hips and abdomen as well pubic bone area. A 5cm wide elastic band will support your lower back to reduce pelvic and back pain while the full Spandex mesh lining provides skin breathability and total comfort.

How you will feel:
O'nest will provide you with relief from pain, swelling and feelings of pressure in and around the abdomen, lower back, hips, inner and outer thighs and buttocks. You will experience support and comfort resulting in increased energy levels as you move and bend during your daily activities.